Sunday, August 15, 2010

challah bread + my awesome hubby = amazing french toast!

So I have been baking up an artisan bread storm since my last post - it's so much fun! Last night I mixed up a batch of challah bread dough from the same book and used about a third of it to make a gorgeous-looking loaf that Alan promised to make into french toast this morning. It was awesome, but don't be fooled by the picture - I only ate 2 of those pieces! Alan's trick with french toast is to pour the egg/milk/cinnamon mixture into a cookie sheet (with a lip) and let the pieces sit for a little bit on each side so that they soak it up a little more than if you just dipped the pieces.


  1. Oh yea...I am jelous!! We just had cold cereal because we are busy working in the garage!! (and by the way...I probably would have eaten all four;)